We got your mixtape for this Friday. You are saved #Browny #Lebistromusique on air

Browny or Crème Brûlée, we don’t know yet, is French and talented DJ (French touch?).

This mixed track is a pure pleasure when you like to have great time and just enjoying great music.
All we love is inside and we will keep following this great artist for sure!

Wishing you a great weekend ! Thanks for your support.

And if you want to send us some sweet messages about your tracks or just love, pls do not hesitate to write to : Music_contact@lebistromusique.com
You will make our day shinny.

See you.
Le Bistromusique
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Latest FLUME on Bistromusique #THATLOOK #FLUME

Good morning,

With pleasure we are glad to share with you the last FLUME.

After being in line it’s now difficult to find it on the web.. Some versions are hopefully still valid. And you have a copy here below, for your pleasure !!

We will recognize this typical sound of FLUME, hope you will like it!



Daily Menu Week43 – Tracks samp; Golden Blog Awards #14


How do you feel today ? In a mood of listening some nice tracks with us ? Vamos.


Our latest playlist updated and built in order to give you pleasure. Only. Summer is not over everywhere, so keep this smile and enjoy with us.

Then we’d like to share this remix with you. A pure track, perfectly fitting with the weekend coming. We won’t let you alone. BELARBI mixing for us.

And of course you can always follow us on Facebook, Soundcloud etc.. Count on you.


We participate to great awards, the GOLDEN BLOG AWARDS 2014. A place where you will find many new blogs, and ways of thinking. We would like to be supported here by you, so please if you have a “click” for us, pls help us! Will be really useful for our future projects.

Here is the link  : http://www.golden-blog-awards.fr/blogs/le-bistromusique.html